LeanData Attribution Helps Gigamon Drive More Pipeline

January 5, 2017

Gigamon was shifting its business focus from a network visibility solution to a security visibility platform. The Gigamon marketing team was struggling to measure how effective its new campaigns were in delivering best-fit leads to sales colleagues. Eventually the marketing operations team decided it was impossible because there were too many contacts in an account to identify who might have been touched and who might have been the primary person in a deal. The team knew it was underreporting campaign influence and couldn’t accurately measure marketing effectiveness. 

"LeanData has been able to help us with a variety of challenges. Everything from more effectively mapping and routing prospect leads to converting partner leads, while allowing us to report marketing's influence on the pipeline much more accurately."

- Danita Fleck, Manager of Marketing Operations


  • Too much time was spent manually matching leads to accounts and routing to sales reps. 
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness was impossible because they couldn’t track which leads were coming from which campaigns.


  • LeanData Matching automatically evaluates leads and matches them to existing accounts.
  • LeanData Attribution accurately documents where marketing campaign touches are occurring with people in target accounts and allow the team to measure impact on pipeline.


  • Leads are matched more accurately than was ever done manually.
  • Better campaign reporting allows the team to identify the most successful campaigns for driving pipeline.  
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