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Planful Doubles Marketing Contributed Revenue by Using LeanData

Planful, a leader in cloud-based financial applications, knows all about making data actionable. They wanted to reduce spend on marketing channels that deliver bad leads by gaining real-time insights into program performance. On the sales side, the business had scaled to a point when the team could no longer risk spreading itself too thin by reaching out to every lead that exhibited any type of interest

Using LeanData and Infer, Planful implemented a solution to spend less time researching leads and more time converting more qualified leads into revenue. 

"Infer and LeanData are two of my favorite, best of breed technologies that provide tremendous value on their own. Together, they become a powerhouse that enables seamless and intelligent workflows across sales and marketing. With Infer and LeanData’s open architectures, we’re able to orchestrate complex processes to become a more connected and impactful go to market organization across the board.”

-Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation


  • Lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and accounts was an endless source of frustration for revenue generating teams.


LeanData’s fuzzy Matching algorithm ensured incoming leads were matched to existing customers, open opportunities and target accounts. Routing helped to move leads along to the next best step of the buyer’s journey and provided reps with visibility into accounts. Finally, LeanData's Round Robin Routing helped to evenly distribute 750 net-new qualified leads each month to the SDR team.


  • Marketing team doubled its revenue contribution by prioritizing leads most likely to convert to customers. 
  • Reps have confidence in MQLs with complete visibility and context of account activity and are able to respond immediately.  
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