Kaltura Uses the LeanData Platform to Improve ROI and Power Business Growth

December 11, 2018

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience, equipping the company to establish leadership positions in key verticals including education, enterprise software, and CloudTV. Kaltura has dedicated global sales teams who are responsible  for managing multiple accounts for each vertical. Spurred by Kaltura’s rapid growth,  the need for robust lead-to-account matching and routing soon became acute. 

"LeanData's lead matching and routing is a key component in our lead lifecycle, which is the baseline for our entire sales operation. In addition, LeanData's ability to prove marketing's impact, and easily see which marketing programs are most successful, helps us focus on the right programs, and allocate our budget accordingly.”

- Lisa Bennett, Vice President, Marketing


  • Lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and accounts, meaning leads must be converted into contacts before they are associated with corresponding accounts.
  • Lead routing was being done manually and was slow and often misrouted. 
  • Couldn’t accurately report the complete impact of marketing on the business.


  • LeanData Matching automatically evaluates leads and matches them to existing accounts.
  • LeanData Routing ensures that leads are immediately delivered to the right reps, territories and account owners. 
  • LeanData Attribution allows the team to track and report on marketing's impact on the business.


  • 1-minute lead routing enables rapid time-to-engagement with zero lead loss.
  • Changes to lead management rules and flows can be made in a matter of minutes.
  • Marketing is able to identify what activities are most effective and allocate budget accordingly. 
  • Reports are generated quickly and with confidence in the data. 
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