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LeanData Platform Streamlines Lead Management and Accelerates Sales Cycles at Tune

November 2, 2018

TUNE knows a lot about how to effectively market and sell in today’s digital world. They company delivers measurement tools that help digital marketers manage campaigns, engage the right audiences, build the right relationships and grow their business. But as its own business grew, it was clear that the out-of-box options provided by their CRM for lead management were no longer good enough. 

"We are now getting those trusted, holistic and actionable views that are the lifeblood of effective sales and marketing decision making, and we’re getting them without spending an enormous amount of money on customization or specialized analytics modules.”

-Megan James (Muldary), Director, Sales Operations  


  • Too much time was spent manually merging and converting leads, sifting out duplicates, and matching leads to account and campaigns. 
  • Lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and accounts created data silos and made it impossible to make data driven decisions.
  • Lack of advanced capabilities for marketing attribution.


  • LeanData Matching automatically evaluates leads and matches them to existing accounts.
  • LeanData Routing ensures that leads are immediately delivered to the right reps. 
  • LeanData Attribution helps the marketing team determine campaign success and better allocate their budget. 


  • Dramatically improved the time-to-contact, shortening sales cycles.
  • Teams are now able to drive more strategic initiatives to drive the business because they have more time in their days. 
  • Increased transparency into campaigns and more accurate attribution and success measurements give Tune a competitive advantage.  
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