LeanData Marketing Attribution Customer Success Gains Momentum

May 1, 2018 Margo Mendez-Penate

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 1, 2018 – LeanData, the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution, announced a significant product milestone in the company’s history. Today, more than 70 high-growth brands have implemented LeanData’s Marketing Attribution to accelerate time to revenue and optimize and deliver ROI. Furthermore, LeanData has unveiled a suite of innovative enhancements that empower sales and marketing to trust and align with data to deliver a streamlined buying experience throughout the customer journey.

“Today’s high-growth enterprises understand that to grow and remain competitive, it is imperative that their sales and marketing teams align around accurate data to understand how to deliver value to their customers throughout the buyer’s journey,” said Evan Liang, chief executive officer, co-founder, LeanData. “Since launching our Marketing Attribution productLeanData, along with our strategic partners, have enabled revenue teams to transform their funnel to accelerate revenue and deliver ROI to their business. Today’s announcement reaffirms LeanData’s focus on customer success and product innovation to facilitate meaningful connections between data and people to accelerate time to revenue.”

Today, attribution is perceived as a marketing initiative based on data that sales continuously disputes. Furthermore, companies are unable to optimize marketing campaigns for revenue growth unless their CRM data is accurate and is connected to each demand generation and multi-channel marketing program.

High-growth companies rely on LeanData’s highest-accuracy Lead-to-Account Matching to connect leads with the right accounts to optimize revenue growth. Since launching the Marketing Attribution productLeanData has seen significant increase and adoption with their customers. Today, over 70 high-growth companies use LeanData Marketing Attribution to accelerate time to revenue and grow ROI.

To better serve over 350 high-growth customers, LeanData has released a wide range of enhancements for the Marketing Attribution capability:

  • Custom attribution settings to help sales and marketing teams define attribution models and settings that suit their business needs.
  • Multiple attribution model support measures touches throughout the buyer’s journey. LeanData offers multiple standard models to support first-touch, multi-touch, last touch, generated, and accelerated attribution among others. Furthermore, LeanData supports custom attribution models, custom campaign weighting, and extensive filtering and field mapping to ensure accurate data that provides meaningful campaign insights
  • LeanData also provides campaign and opportunity visualizations to help you understand the impact of different campaigns and marketing touches
  • Additionally, we work off a custom Marketing Touch object which makes it very easy to export the data to your data warehouse or BI tool for more complex analysis and reporting

Later on this year, LeanData will unveil a variety of new features to further enhance the Marketing Attribution product including Full Custom Weighting capabilities and Time Decay attribution modeling.

Visit leandatainc.com to learn more.

Supporting Quotes

“We are seeing more B2B organizations adopt measurement and attribution solutions to manage marketing investments,” said Eric Wittlake, senior marketing analyst, TOPO. “In fact, in TOPO’s recent Account-Based technology survey, 86% of marketers indicated measurement and attribution technology is important, the second-highest result across all categories surveyed.By introducing an attribution solution, LeanData is addressing a growing need in the B2B market.”

“Historically Vidyard assessed marketing performance using an outdated first touch/last touch approach. This method not only failed to account for the entire customer journey and the full impact of marketing efforts across the funnel but also made linking marketing efforts directly to revenue challenging,” said Cailin Radcliffe, revenue operations manager, Vidyard. “With Lean Data we were able to implement and operationalize a customized multi-touch attribution model seamlessly, and take immediate action on the data to drive efficiencies in marketing spend by focusing on the programs and assets that directly drive revenue.”

“LeanData’s Marketing Attribution enables us to see the full impact of marketing efforts on closed/won business. As a result, we shifted marketing KPIs from being primarily lead focused, to revenue focused,” said Judy Finn, head of demand generation marketing, TUNE. “Before implementing LeanData, we relied on native functionality included in our CRM system to attach opportunities to a marketing campaign. This gave us a limited view as each opportunity was only related to a single campaign. With LeanData, we can visualize the full customer journey and pinpoint how marketing campaigns influence and win new business.”

About LeanData

LeanData is the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution solutions. LeanData’s industry-leading solutions, including Lead Routing, Account Matching, and Marketing Attribution, deliver in-depth account insights to sales and marketing teams, enabling them to increase pipeline, maximize marketing ROI and drive revenue. Over 350 customers including OutreachGlassdoor, and Marketo rely on LeanData to drive business results and grow revenue.

Visit leandatainc.com for more information.


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