[Workshop] Connecting Data to People Across Any Go-to-Market Model

April 10, 2019

Lucas Lam, Partner & Client Solutions Manager, LeanData

Today companies leverage a wide variety of GTM strategies and tactics to grow their revenue. In this session, LeanData product experts will walk you through the process, metrics, and future state of multiple GTM strategies - such as inbound, outbound, ABM, Demand Unit Waterfall, etc. Learn best practices from real-world examples of how businesses leverage LeanData Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution to ensure they get to revenue faster. Irrespective of how you design your sales and marketing funnel, the LeanData platform can be customized to connect your CRM data to the right people in the organization who can use it to win deals. Attend this session to learn how to thrive with multiple GTM strategies and optimize them constantly.

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