Beyond the buzz: Going in-depth on Account-Based Marketing

July 30, 2015 Mark Emmons


Adam New-Waterson gets asked the same thing all the time:

What exactly is Account-Based Marketing?

It’s an increasingly common question as ABM has become the trendy phrase to describe a growing movement within the B2B commerce space. People want to better understand the substance behind the buzz with ABM. That’s why three industry thought leaders joined to host a webinar explaining how ABM strategies are a perfect fit for today’s complicated sales lifecycle, and how it will grow your company’s bottom line.

New-Waterson, the chief marketing officer at LeanData, moderated an event titled “Data Driven Account-Based Marketing Activates Revenue” that also included Terminus Chief Marketing Officer Sangram Vajre and DiscoverOrg Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Henry Schuck.

“It’s a structured approach to developing and implementing highly customized marketing campaigns to markets of one,” New-Waterson said. “But while that definition is all well and good, how do you do it?”

The goal, he added, is to both narrow your focus to the most likely potential customers while at the same time expanding your reach of key influencers inside those target companies. So instead of thinking about leads, you are concentrating on accounts.

“In B2B, when you talk to a salesperson, it’s always been about how many accounts you have closed,” Vajre said. “We never talk about how many leads have you closed. ABM always has been part of the playbook for sales. Marketing finally has the tools and technology to also do this at scale so we can help our sales teams. That’s why ABM is becoming mainstream.”

SiriusDecisions has found that 92 percent of companies it surveyed understand the value of ABM, Vajre said. But only 20 percent actually are using it – and not necessarily very well.

“It boggles my mind to see numbers like this,” Schuck added. “That’s what this webinar is about – giving people a real road map to get started. We’re showing you how to get started on your Account-Based Marketing journey. At the end of this, you’ll be ready to take the first step.”

Among the webinar highlights:

  • How best to target your most promising accounts
  • How to identify the profiles of key people inside those accounts
  • How best to engage those individuals
  • How many people actually are involved in a B2B deal
  • How to take stock of your data on accounts
  • How to tailor your message to an audience of one

“We want this to be a chance to share our experiences and help guide you on the path so you also can start Account-Based Marketing,” New-Waterson said.

Ready to watch the webinar? Click here to get started.


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