Build Versus Buy: Why You Really Need LeanData

January 5, 2016 Mark Emmons


At first glance, it may seem like such a basic solution to one of the most troublesome pain points for businesses. LeanData automatically matches leads to accounts. In fact, it might sound so simple that you could be tempted to try and build something similar on your own. After all, how hard could it be?

The answer: It’s very hard.

What appears simple actually is a complex software engineering feat that LeanData has developed through years of painstaking research and innovation. Sure, you could try to tackle this problem yourself. But we promise you that it will be an expensive exercise in futility. And with so much at stake for your business, do you really want to base your lead-assignment process on what amounts to a side project?

“The matching algorithms are at the heart of what we do as a company,” said Kelvin Cheung, LeanData’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “We’ve been at it a long time and we’re constantly fine-tuning the matching engine. For LeanData, this is core to what we do. We’ve seen multiple companies who have tried, and we’ve come out on top every single time.”

Here’s why:


Fuzzy Matching

Best Solution: LeanData has perfected complicated, “fuzzy matching” algorithms. We take records that don’t have identical sets of data and determine if they are a match – ensuring that all of your incoming leads promptly are connected to the correct accounts. LeanData has been focused on this problem since 2012. Originally we used humans to crowd-source the matching process. We took that base of knowledge and built it into our machine-learning algorithms – know-how that other companies simply cannot duplicate. It’s that kind of attention to detail that makes LeanData the leads-to-accounts experts. “Data is never perfect and it’s never clean,” said Hendrick Lee, LeanData’s vice president of product. “But we appreciate that fact because we live in a world of data. It’s exactly why our algorithms work so well.”

More Economical: Why attempt to build something that might be good enough when LeanData already has solved the problem? Imagine the costs associated with having a team of engineers building and testing a leads-to-accounts process — all without knowing if your algorithms will be scalable for your company. It’s simply not a smart use of time, money and resources. “Do you want to pull people away from other initiatives that are important to your business?” Lee asked. “Building this in-house is just a huge waste of time and you’re setting yourself up for failure. At best, you’re going to come up with something mediocre and that doesn’t work quite the way you want it.”

Constant Innovation: Any makeshift solution will only be a temporary fix. Leads-to-accounts matching is not something that you build and then forget. Technology is not static. It’s always evolving. A self-built system will require ongoing resources just to keep it working. What happens when something breaks down, there are changes to your internal processes or when Salesforce periodically upgrades its system? There’s no such thing as a small modification when it comes to lead-assignment flow. The slightest tweaks can lead to large, unintended consequences throughout your technology stack. But with LeanData, you won’t have to deal with any of those headaches. LeanData responds to changes in real time. “And we’re constantly improving the product,” Cheung added.

Finally, our matching algorithms are not just about lead flow. We have made it the foundation of our best-in-class reporting products for marketers. Accurate matching gives you a complete understanding about your leads. This vital information will help the marketing team assess the effectiveness of campaigns with greater confidence. There’s a reason why more than 125 satisfied customers have trusted LeanData to take the pain out of lead assignment and help them reach the next level with their sales and marketing.

“We’ve competed with every possible data solution and we’ve always had the best results,” Lee said. “This is our expertise. This is what we do. And you can focus on what your business does best.”

To learn more about how LeanData tailors the Sales Accelerator product to meet the specific business needs of our customers, download the eBook “A Lead’s Journey to the Right Home.”


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