Guzzling Our Home Brew Lead2Account — Router

July 23, 2014 Brian Birkett


At LeanData, we recently moved from geography based territories to a named account model. We made this move so that I could focus my team on going after target accounts that we identified as the highest propensity to be a fit for our solutions. In order to support this strategy marketing has adopted account based marketing to try and drive leads into these target accounts.

As soon as we launched account based selling, it seemed to be going smoothly. My reps were focused and liked that we gave them direction on who to go after but we ran into issues when marketing started to do their job and drive inbound leads. Although our reps were aligned, our leads were still being routed based on geographic rules and they were going all over the place. Often times because we have a complex sell, our contacts sat in different locations across geographic areas. We ran into issues when one rep would call into another reps account because they would show up in his or her queue.

At first, we created a process for reps to reassign leads that belonged to other reps, but quickly moved away from that when we realized that reps aren’t going to take action in salesforce unless they have to or it benefits them. We then moved to putting all leads into a queue so that I would manually assign all the inbound leads by looking them up. I couldn’t keep up with the volume so I asked sales ops to create a rule for account based routing. They pushed back when they found out they would have to create lists with every account name and variation as well as one list with all the owners. Ultimately, these were decent attempts but these solutions were either slow and manual or limited by legacy systems.

These challenges led us to figure out a way to build a scalable solution that was automatic and not manual or rules based. What we created was a super-set of routing rules that routes based on existing owner, called Lead2Account — Router. Now regardless of geography, if a lead comes in that matches into an existing account it gets routed to that account owner instantly. My team is confident that they are getting their leads that belong to them and in turn they are following up faster and having better conversations. They can put those leads into the context of the account or other leads they have already had conversations with. Since we’ve implemented owner based routing, we’ve seen higher conversion rates and faster follow up times — more importantly, I don’t have to route anything myself.

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