How InsightSquared Uses LeanData

November 19, 2015 Mark Emmons


In a previous professional life, I was a newspaper sportswriter. One of the fun parts of that job was being able to put the reporter’s notepad in my back pocket after the interview was finished and just having regular conversations with popular sports figures.

Billy Beane, the general manager of baseball’s Oakland A’s, was someone who liked to sit in the clubhouse office of the team equipment manager and chat about everyday stuff. Beane, of course, was the subject of the best-selling book “Moneyball” and was portrayed by Brad Pitt in the follow-up movie. And maybe because he already was so well-known, Beane usually avoided talking about himself.

So it’s never been clear to me if he truly appreciates just how ubiquitous the term “Moneyball” has become as a cultural reference point for trying to help explain things that are completely unrelated to baseball or even sports.

For instance, here’s an example. At the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this past September, I was talking with Gabe Paley of InsightSquared. We agreed that it can be difficult to explain to our non-tech friends and family what exactly our companies do. (And people reading this probably have had the same experiences.)

But Paley, a diehard fan of Boston sports teams including the Red Sox, said his solution has been to describe InsightSquared as “Moneyball for small business.” Then the lightbulb goes on. People understand it has something to do with using data to help businesses get an edge on the competition. Mission accomplished.

It’s no surprise that a company focused on data would think hard about the challenge of how to create the most efficient system possible for processing leads. And that’s why InsightSquared decided to work with LeanData.

You can read here to learn more about how InsightSquared uses LeanData.

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