How LeanData is perfect for the Demand Unit Waterfall

June 6, 2018 Billy Huang

The spring conference blitz recently wrapped up with the annual SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas, and I finally had time to sit down and gather my thoughts about this year’s summit.

This being SiriusDecisions Summit, the new and improved Demand Unit Waterfall was of course the highlight of the show. But while some organizations, including some presenters, have done a fantastic job of aligning their sales and marketing orgs around this framework, it can be tough to figure out how it could benefit your org.

This blog post will try to help make things a little bit easier to digest. Plus, I’ll show you how LeanData can help you along on this journey.

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Make sense of the modern B2B buyer’s journey

The modern B2B buyer’s journey is complex, and the Demand Unit Waterfall helps make sense of it. Take Imprivata’s presentation at SiriusDecisions Summit, for instance. The company presented a great slide that outlined just how wild the journey can be. Soak it all in:

Once the initial shock of this image wears off, I’ll tell you what I realized.

It’s all for the customer and prospect experience

The proliferation of modern communication channels means increased expectations from every buyer to have a a buying experience that’s as seamless as possible. No handoffs between sales and marketing, no difficulty routing leads to the right reps. A modern buyer does not have time to waste.

In order to deliver on that expectation, B2B revenue organizations need to think hard about how they architect their processes, and how they can integrate technology pieces effectively—that is, without adding spiraling backend complexity with every client-facing improvement.

Here at LeanData, we believe in getting the fundamentals right at the data layer: being able to move and leverage data efficiently, with context for the end user. Without managing the data layer appropriately, all other processes will end up with a shaky foundation that is going to fail.

That includes building out each distinct stage of the Demand Unit Waterfall.

LeanData Matching is a perfect match

We’re LeanData, so it makes sense that the data layer is our bread and butter. It’s half our name! If your organization is planning to implement the Demand Unit Waterfall in whole or in stages, we have solutions that can help you build a solid foundation.

LeanData’s lead-to-account matching product helps provide your sales and marketing teams the visibility they need to track demand through each stage.

For example, LeanData matching assigns highly engaged leads to the correct accounts, bubbling up activity and categorizing leads as having moved from target to active demand.

Ultimately, LeanData matching surfaces critical lead engagement data to the account level, so that the top half of the funnel, largely owned by marketing, is accurately tracked.

Enter the sales organization

As a prospect moves further down the funnel, sales starts to take over, which is where LeanData’s routing product comes into play.

In the Demand Unit Waterfall, the first sales interactions are considered the “engaged” or “prioritized” demand stages. Starting from there, intelligent routing flows built into LeanData send engagement activity to only the correct sales reps.

In other words, LeanData routing sends the right leads to the right reps at the right time: no pesky assignment rules required.

The engagements don’t stop

Even as the initial “engaged demand” becomes a real opportunity, or qualified demand/pipeline, it’s just the beginning. B2B buying decisions are rarely made in a vacuum, after all. Often, other key personas that could potentially accelerate or derail a deal circle the periphery, biting on marketing collateral at different times.

All those activities need to be surfaced to the sales reps who are working those opportunities. The one-two knockout combo of LeanData matching and routing delivers those key data nuggets on a beautiful serving platter for the sales rep to consume.

Every buyer takes a different journey, so don’t go chasing waterfalls

While LeanData can help you align with the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall, don’t pursue that framework blindly. As I learned at the conference, buyers don’t behave according to nice neat models. Every buyer or buying group will take their own journeys towards the ultimate purchasing decision.

So while the framework is a good place to start, you need to ultimately adapt your sales and marketing process to the buyer. The good news is if you’ve configured your sales and marketing flow with LeanData, making changes is a snap, and your sales and marketing teams will thank you for it.

In summary, the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall is a great framework around which you can organize your sales and marketing teams. And LeanData offers a solid foundation for it at the data layer in your CRM.

After all, the framework is just that: a guide. To tailor processes that meet the needs of your customers and prospects, and to create a seamless buying journey for them, you need the right data to go in the right direction.

Ready to get started? Get a demo of LeanData.

P.S. Right now, you can test drive LeanData’s matching algorithms for free with LeanData View. See related contacts right in Salesforce with this Salesforce AppExchange plugin. Get started now.

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