How to Request the Lead2Account View from Sales Ops

May 19, 2014 Debbie Margulies


requestAs an account executive, your focus is on your pipeline and relationship building. While it may be great to see which marketing programs or events your customers and prospects are checking out, you don’t have time to dig through your salesforce system to discover everything. That’s the time that you want to spend calling on accounts.

Here at LeanData, we’ve recognized that challenge and we’re here to put time back in your day. We’re helping dozens of great B2B companies with account-centric lead management. Our customers can immediately see inbound lead activity that matches existing prospects, customers, and active opportunities w/out jumping around different salesforce views. In addition, we automatically show duplicate leads and contacts to help your inside sales and sales development teams make sure they don’t call on your customers by accident and follow up on net new leads as quickly as possible.

So, how do you get started? It’s totally simple. There’s a template below that you can copy and paste into an email or click the “download” button for a pre-formatted message. Then, either send to your Sales Ops management or bring it to their attention at your next sales team meeting. Your Sales Ops team will know that you need this. LeanData’s contact info is included, so once your Sales Ops team pings us, we’ll work on getting this setup for you.

Then, you’ll be on your way to spending more time connecting with your clients. Happy Selling!

Dear {enter Director of Sales Ops name}:

Do you know why I can’t see new leads for opportunities and customers I’m currently working with? I’ve been told I have accounts with new leads, but I can’t see them in without flipping between multiple views. I also don’t know who else may be working leads on my accounts, which often causes confusion with my prospects and customers.

I want to share with you that there’s a solution: LeanData’s Lead2Account – View! They integrate with and allow me to immediately see all touches in my accounts and opportunities. This would save me a ton of time and make me more effective with my pipeline.

Can you please call or email LeanData so that I can get this enabled?

Here’s their contact info:
408.827.LEAN (5326)

{your name}

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