The Importance of Technology Stack Synergies

February 2, 2017 Mark Emmons

All too often, it’s considered a “bonus” when sales-and-marketing solutions work well together. But why isn’t there a clear expectation that all tools in a technology stack should integrate seamlessly? And better yet, shouldn’t they boost the value of one another for customers?

That observation was a key takeaway in a webinar that focused on how Glint has built a revenue-generation machine by combining the power of lead routing and funnel metrics. Chief Marketing Officer Jim Bell outlined how vendors LeanData and FunnelWise have been instrumental for his company in “How Glint Drives Success with Lead Routing and Funnel Metrics.”

“It’s particularly special to share my experiences in the context of two technology partners who have been so reliable and so collaborative in helping us grow our business,” Bell said.

Jim Bell of Glint

That sort of synergistic approach has become crucial as technology stacks grow more complex. Matt Ostanik, the founder and CEO of FunnelWise, and Christine Maxey, director of enterprise solutions at LeanData, described how their products complement each other to boost revenue for customers. Maxey explained that it’s good when one plus one equals two. But it’s even better when one plus one can equal three.

“We all know that a tech stack is integral to the success of your business operations,” she said. “And many of the products out there may create confusion. You should work with vendors who not only are eager to work with others, but also those who have built a product that does work with others. At a minimum, they should be open and eager to help you drive value from most vendors.”

That’s the case, Ostanik added, with LeanData and FunnelWise.

“When your lead routing strategy is backed by revenue funnel metrics, companies can ensure that no leads truly are left behind,” he said.

The centerpiece of the webinar was Bell’s deep-dive into the Glint process. A platform that provides company insights into employee satisfaction and sentiment, Glint is one of the hot startups in the cloud-based HR sector. Part of that success stems from the smart, data-driven strategy that Glint has created for evaluating and managing a powerful demand generation engine.

Among the topics Bell covered:

  • How Glint determines the optimal inbound lead volume that sales reps can handle
  • His approach to the age-old question of Speed vs. Quality in sales response
  • The importance of a structured cadence for follow-up engagement
  • How account-based routing eliminates confusion about what leads reps should work

Bell said the intelligence provided by FunnelWise and LeanData’s ability to manage lead flow give Glint a more sophisticated way of thinking about the business that goes beyond the usual measurements.

“Interim metrics like MQLs really don’t mean anything for your business,” Bell explained. “They’re just a mechanism for adjusting the volume — turning the knob — and making sure that your highly paid resources are busy with the best possible leads.”

Maxey added that businesses should always be curious about potential synergies when implementing two or more vendors.

“I’m constantly wondering how I can drive more value for our clients,” she said. “Save more money. Make more money. Improve their ROI. . . . So I love hearing about how our clients are pairing LeanData with other vendors to help drive value.”

Listen to a recording of the webinar here.


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