LeanData Launches Next Generation Routing with Insights

November 3, 2017 Satarupa Chatterjee

LeanData CEO Evan Liang will make an exciting announcement next week as part of the annual Dreamforce extravaganza. We’re unveiling Routing with Insights, a lead-and-contact distribution solution that’s part of our expanding Demand Management Suite.

Routing forms the core of every B2B company’s Demand Management strategy. It’s vital for businesses to immediately distribute incoming leads and contacts to the best owner possible – in a fair and transparent manner. Forward-thinking companies know they can expand the productivity of sales and marketing teams by leveraging routing as a strategic advantage.

Why Routing?
The traditional funnel has completely changed in recent years. The single handoff point has given way to a more collaborative, side-by-side funnel where sales and marketing teams interface with customers throughout their buying journey. Studies show that the typical deal now requires anywhere between seven and 20 touches just to get a qualified lead – and then many more to land a new customer. Also, it’s not enough to just land one lead. To close a new customer, you now need an average of seven sign-offs. This means most B2B deals are now committee-based decisions.

All of this results in a more complex funnel with a greater likelihood of friction in the process. The risk is that sales and marketing efforts are wasted, buying signals are lost and, in worst-case scenarios, prospects have a poor buying experience.

LeanData Routing ensures this doesn’t happen. Leads and contacts always reach the most appropriate owner, in real-time, within Salesforce. Imagine a few common scenarios:

  • If you are the owner of an active opportunity with an account, any new lead will get directed to you
  • If you are in charge of a particular domain or region, leads with those parameters are assigned to you
  • If you are growing an account, and an old contact from the same account re-engages, you receive an immediate alert

These and many other custom scenarios are executed in your Salesforce instance without fail, every time. And it’s accomplished without having to wrangle with Salesforce’s cumbersome assignment rules or complex code.

That’s the power of LeanData.

What Is Routing Insights?
Ask anyone in a sales or marketing operations role and they will explain the difficulty of keeping lead distribution logic current with evolving business needs. Salesforce assignment rules provide no visibility into how leads are flowing through your system. As a result, it’s impossible to optimize this process. That results in leads getting delayed or lost in the system. “The State of Lead Management” survey, conducted by LeanData, recently found that one in four leads are assigned improperly. So at any given point in time, the sales team is completely missing out on leveraging 25 percent of what their Demand Gen campaigns are producing.

LeanData’s Routing Insights give you the ability to see lead flow data, in real-time. This helps companies optimize their Routing logic to stay ahead of changing business needs. Routing Insights also helps you clearly visualize errors in your workflow and correct them on the fly. LeanData ensures you never lose a lead again by using a combination of real-time analytics, historical reporting and audit logs. No matter where a lead originates, you always know where it went.

What’s Special About LeanData Routing?
We can write a book on the LeanData Routing capabilities. But here are just a few of the differentiators that make this a truly innovative SaaS product:

  1. Visual “drag-drop-and-connect” FlowBuilder interface: This easy-to-use UI ensures that building and maintaining lead-and-contact distribution flow is as easy as drawing a simple flowchart. It also makes it simple to maintain multiple versions of flows and share them with all stakeholders. With these features, Sales, Marketing and Ops team members can jointly define business rules that will govern the Routing logic.
  2. Flow metrics and click-through reports from any node: LeanData shows you how many leads and contacts have flowed through all the nodes over any time period you select. In each final action node, you can also see how many leads were successfully acted upon (assigned to an owner, converted to a contact, and so on) and how many caused errors. Clicking on the Insights gives you detailed success, error, and owner assignment reports.
  3. Automating Salesforce actions help reduce manual efforts and eliminate errors: Teams spend considerable man-hours performing operational actions on Salesforce like merging duplicates, converting to contacts, account creation, field updates, round-robin assignments, etc. LeanData Routing flows automate these actions and they can be performed based on business rules that you define.
  4. Native to Salesforce: LeanData operates completely natively within Salesforce, so your CRM data is always safe and never leaves the system. At the same time, LeanData infrastructure is scalable enough to handle any enterprise requirements.

Great Feedback
The response from our customers on the FlowBuilder interface and Insights has been overwhelmingly positive. One Inside Sales leader has even called it “one of the biggest developments in CRM in the last 20 years.” If your sales team has more than 10 people, you are probably struggling to implement complex business rules for lead and contact assignment.

That is where you need LeanData.

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