LeanData Ping Pong Black Belts

May 30, 2013 Evan Liang


On May 29th, the LeanData team headed to our fellow Shasta portfolio company, Lithium Technologies, for a not-so-friendly ping pong match.

This is actually a re-match from almost exactly one year ago on June 1st, 2012 which coincided with the first day our company got funded. It’s an annual tradition!

To prepare for the match, we trained intensively every day within our ping pong dojo and received our black belts for our efforts.

But alas, the much larger Lithium, with their over three hundred employees, were better prepared. They even brought their master, Bunny, a former champion from China, to the tournament.

While we gave a valiant effort, we were ultimately defeated, but we very much enjoyed the hospitality provided by Lithium with catering from Top Dog and an open bar.

More seriously, it was a fun team bonding event and we hope to set up future tournaments with other startups in the area.

The outfits were requested by Lithium as the event coincided with their big move from Emeryville to San Francisco. We wish them well and will continue to practice for another re-match.

In the meantime, if you are a talented engineer or sales account rep who is looking for a new adventure (and especially if you happen to be a ping pong champion), please email us at jobs@leandatainc.com – we want to interview you.

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