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March 20, 2019 Jaime Lee

Heading to OpsStars NYC? It’s time to get excited about all the exciting new sessions that will reveal the latest research findings, best practices, and tools needed to succeed in the new customer-first B2B landscape. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! Register for OpsStars NYC here, or join us in Boston by registering here.

If you’re still deciding on whether or not to attend, check out the exciting lineup we’ve got planned below! OpsStars is dedicated to bringing together B2B leaders in sales ops, marketing ops, and customer success, uniting them under the emerging function and role of revenue operations. Filled with valuable sessions, engaging workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities, OpsStars is the place to be if you want to connect and learn from thought leaders forging new paths in achieving organizational alignment across marketing, sales, and customer teams to accelerate revenue.

Opening Keynote: Emergence of Revenue Operations

Speaker: Dana Therrien, Practice Leader, Sales Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions

Senior business leaders who wish to drive revenue growth must prioritize close alignment between sales and marketing. However, siloed processes, data and even technology can hamper growth efforts—while priorities, budgets and senior personalities often remain in conflict.

To drive common process adoption, some companies are championing a change that introduces the notion of revenue operations. Although the term has various interpretations and applications, revenue operations brings the operational work of sales, marketing, and customer success together under one roof. Revenue operations is about taking a more holistic, end-to-end approach to managing operations across an organization. However, such an organizational change has considerable implications for both marketing and sales operations functions. In this session, Dana will share common issues driving the trend toward organizational integration, an analysis of the related benefits and challenges such an organizational shift can bring, and perspectives from a broad range of your peers in both sales and marketing operations.

Women in Revenue Speak Out: What Companies Need to Do to Attract and Retain Them

Speaker: Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView and Women in Revenue Board Member

Sales and marketing are great career choices for women. So why aren’t there more female leaders? This session focuses on new research in the inaugural report from Women in Revenue. The new research includes insights on career roadblocks for women in revenue roles, what women leaders value most, advice for career advancement, what companies can do to attract more women leaders, and what men can do as allies and sponsors.

Customer Experience: Why We Are Talking About it Now?

Speakers: Donna Peeples, President & Chief Customer Officer at Pypestream | Rachel McBrearty, Chief Customer Officer at LeanData | Matt Heinz (Moderator), President & Founder at Heinz Marketing

The customer experience is key to revenue strategy, however, it hasn’t always been easy to orchestrate organizations to deliver great experiences. Top customer experience executives will share how the new revenue operations mix, aligning sales, marketing, and customer success around the buyer, will enable streamlined execution and faster revenue growth.

ABM 2.0: The Latest and Greatest About ABM in 2019

Speakers: Derek Slayton, CMO at Terminus | Kelly Justice, Marketing Operations Manager at Outreach | Sarah Tosh, Sr. Director of Sales Development at Sigstr

Planning, execution, and analysis—it requires a well-orchestrated chain of events across multiple teams. Coordinating and aligning people, process, and technology to drive the best ABM programs can be difficult to orchestrate, yet if not done well, can cause ABM failures. Hear best practices for accelerating pipeline growth.

Intent: Why the Data Matters

Speakers: Matt Gingerich, VP of Sales and Success at Bombora | Brad Rosen, Chief Revenue Officer at G2 Crowd

What does predictive get you? How is AI transforming pipeline growth? The latest tools provide businesses with deeper insights and data to enhance the customer experience. Get a leg up on the competition, learn how to take advantage, and build an optimal prospect and customer experience that will help you accelerate sales.

Sales Enablement and Sales Ops: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

Speakers: Chad Dyar, Director of Sales Enablement at OnDeck | Erica Boccard, Director of Sales Operations at Illusive Networks | Erin Bush (Moderator), Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at LeanData

Sales enablement and sales operations tend to get tied together, yet they are very different. Hear about how other companies are defining the two and why it is important to recognize the differences to ensure revenue optimization.

A B2B Revenue Ops Success Framework and Maturity Model

Speaker: Matt Heinz, President & Founder at Heinz Marketing

Learn the seven components of revenue operations success in B2B, including the strategy, alignment, process, and technology components necessary to create a predictable, repeatable, and scalable sales pipeline development engine. Matt Heinz will share results from his latest RevOps survey. You’ll walk away with a specific framework and maturity model to implement within your organization.

Ops Everywhere! Why and How Ops is the New Darling for an Accelerated Growth Path

Speakers: Evan Liang (Moderator), CEO at LeanData | Kate Hallett, Head of Digital Marketing at Sutherland Global | Sarah Masters, Director of Enterprise Sales at Five9

Why and how has the evolving B2B landscape journeyed to revenue operations? Hear from thought leaders as they discuss the latest trends in revenue operations and its influence on a customer-focused, accelerated growth path.


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