OpsStars™ Hits the Road: Journey to Revenue Operations

February 28, 2019 Karen Steele

Three years ago, LeanData launched its inaugural OpsStars event in San Francisco. Marketing, sales, and customer success professionals from all over were invited to participate in the carefully planned sessions, designed to tackle the known and unknown revenue challenges hidden between organizational silos. Since its inception, attendance rates have more than quadrupled. This growth tells us that the time has come for us all to embrace the growing trend where marketing ops, sales ops, and customer ops—all align under revenue ops.

There is a deep need for ops professionals to align on their revenue goals, and go-to-market strategy and execution. New technologies are influencing new ways to do business and revenue professionals need to get on the same page if they are going to make any progress to successfully adapt.

Herein lies our collective journey to revenue operations, where each OpsStars event is dedicated to bringing collaboration and transparency to the process of this growing trend. It is all about enabling and inspiring professionals who have dedicated their careers to achieving revenue goals; a place where the latest best practices, research, and trends gain the spotlight. At OpsStars, we will come together to filter through what is working and what isn’t, so that you can go back to your organization, an OpsStar, ready to take action!

But don’t just take our word for it, see what attendees have to say about the value they get from OpsStars:

Announcing: OpsStars is now hitting the road! The time has come to extend the branches of the growing OpsStars community into other major markets. That’s right, OpsStars is hitting the road! Working with the boldest executives and thought leaders in sales, marketing, and revenue operations, we’ve curated the most relevant and actionable revenue content for OpsStars attendees.

Leading market analyst, SiriusDecisions, will be joining the session lineup. Their recent research has evangelized the emergence of revenue operations and its long-awaited ability to “bring the operational work of sales, marketing, and customer success together under one roof.” Hear from the head of SiriusDecisions’ Sales Operations Strategies practice at OpsStars to understand this significant new paradigm and its ability to bridge siloed operations common to many B2B organizations.

Let’s keep this important conversation going, and continue to learn from peers and leaders. Join the momentum as we make our first stops in New York, NY, followed by Boston, MA. We will be focusing on topics around building a data-driven revenue strategy, the impact of automation, best-in-class go-to-market strategies, and more! Select your city to learn more information and to save your spot!

New York, NY – April 2, 2019

Boston, MA – May 13, 2019

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Karen Steele

Karen is responsible for all aspects of product marketing, brand strategy, demand generation, customer and employee advocacy, and the customer journey. Prior to LeanData, Karen was Group Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Marketo.

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