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November 3, 2016 Jonathon J. Leon Guerrero


Every morning, I receive an email with a roundup of stories about Account-Based Marketing. I like to keep up on the latest news and developments because my company, LeanData, empowers ABM.

So, I set up a Google alert that aggregates headlines about ABM. That way, I don’t miss any interesting articles.

And there’s a similar idea behind a handy tool in Salesforce: Report Subscriptions. You can “subscribe” to your favorite reports and keep yourself current with the most important information in your business. For instance, you can schedule daily or weekly updates via email of the reports that matter the most. It’s essentially an automatic reminder. But even more cool is how you also can define conditions so that the notification won’t be sent unless certain triggers are met.

A good example of how I use Report Subscriptions is for something that we call Activated Accounts at LeanData. These are accounts where some kind of activity has occurred — such as someone downloading an eBook or stopping by a trade show booth — that indicates there might be growing interest that we need to jump on right away.

We consider Activated Accounts a key metric. For that reason, I have scheduled a notification that I get every Monday morning that shows the previous week’s number Activated Accounts.

It just allows me to keep my finger in the pulse of our business and keep my manager in the loop. The best part: They’re easy to set up. Here’s how:


Go to the desired report you want to receive and click on Subscribe.



Now you’re on the Report Subscription page, which is where you do the set up. First you can choose how you want to receive your subscriptions. For this example, in the “Type” section you’ll select Every time conditions are met. For a more specific subscription, you can add criteria in the “Conditions” section. For the purposes of this example, we’re using Record Count for “Aggregate,” Greater Than for “Operator,” and 50 for “Value.”



After you set the criteria, you now define when the notification should be sent (Schedule) and how (Actions) you will receive the Report Subscription. We selected Weekly for “Frequency,” 7:00 AM for “Time,” and Monday for “Day.” For Actions, we selected “Post to Chatter Feed” and “Send Email Notification.” Then we click Save & Run Now to enable your report subscriptions to be sent out.



We’ll receive the Report Subscription for our “Last Week’s Marketing Activated Accounts” report, every Monday at 7:00 AM if the record count is greater than 50. And like I said, these are easy to create for any report that’s important to your business. 


About the Author

Jonathon J. Leon Guerrero is a pre-sales solutions consultant and head of Sales Operations at LeanData.

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