Ready to hit the ground running on January 2nd?

November 30, 2018 Maile Johnson

It’s that time of year again where we look back at everything we’ve accomplished in 2018 and start planning for a successful 2019.

Here at LeanData, we’ve finalized our 2019 plan, including revenue and pipeline targets, which are used to guide our marketing strategy and goals for the new year.

To do that, we used LeanData’s marketing attribution product to give insights into our 2018 campaign data. This informs our decisions on how we should invest our marketing dollars in 2019.

For example, based on 2018 data, we know which campaigns helped generate opportunities and which helped accelerate time to revenue, and which campaigns weren’t worth the investment. We were also able to make an informed decision on the addition of several marketing channels to our mix.

And, although the LeanData team has set lofty goals for 2019, I feel confident in our team’s ability to execute and deliver results.

As the head of demand generation and marketing operations, I strive to ensure we are our own best example, and are establishing best practices in all that we do, just like you!

Here’s what we’ve been working on to hit the ground running on January 2:

  • Solidify demand generation and marketing operations strategies to ensure that our marketing organization has a strong operational foundation in place.
  • Spend the next several weeks revisiting, very tactically, LeanData’s Salesforce campaigns - naming convention, types, hierarchies, campaign member statuses, etc - and our marketing automation organization and flows to ensure that data is structured in a way that provides our team with accurate and actionable insights into our performance. Tweak the teams’ performance measurements in Salesforce using attribution and engagement reports and dashboards to ensure that we are focusing our efforts on high-value activities.
  • Verify the accuracy of our data and database strategy with the RevOps team while refining our lead-to-account matching and routing flows and ensuring they are set up effectively, so we can accelerate time to revenue for the LeanData organization.
  • Deepen our relationship with the sales and account development teams and ensure we are delivering the right mix of marketing programs to help them achieve their goals.

If you or anyone on your team want to talk with us to see how we do things here at LeanData, to share your best practices, tips and trick, or to discuss how we can help you be successful in 2019, please reach out!

So, are you ready to hit the ground running in 2019?

About the Author

Maile Johnson

Maile is the Senior Director of Demand Generation at LeanData. She loves the art and science of using data, technologies, and operations to deliver incredible customer experiences. When she's not generating demand for LeanData, you can find her either surfing or riding her horse.

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