Safe and Secure with LeanData Solutions

January 14, 2016 Mark Emmons


Your company data is precious. Nobody understands that better than LeanData. And that’s why your business information always will be safe and secure when you partner with LeanData.

“We know prospect data is some of the most valuable information that an organization possesses,” said Kelvin Cheung, co-founder and chief technical officer at LeanData. “We don’t take that lightly. That’s why we have always built our systems to make sure security is the highest priority.”

One of LeanData’s mottos is your sales and marketing leads never get lost. Your data will never go missing, either. As a member of the Salesforce App Exchange, LeanData meets the rigorous levels of security mandated by the CRM. Also, LeanData conducts regular penetration testing on our own servers.

In addition to those safeguards, customers can choose how much access they want to allow LeanData to have in their lead-assignment process. These are LeanData’s basic configuration options:

  • Standard: Customers allow for both API access and web callouts. This provides LeanData with the greatest flexibility in monitoring and fixing any issues. “The vast majority of businesses choose this because it gives our customer success team the visibility to monitor how things are working,” Cheung said. “This gives us the ability to analyze the process and debug your logs. We also can run scheduled health checks and make sure automated Salesforce updates go smoothly.”
  • No-Logging: LeanData has no API access. Web callouts are permitted, which means your business will receive information from LeanData. But no logs containing your company’s lead information will be sent to LeanData.
  • Full Blind: LeanData has no API access and web callouts are not permitted. “This provides the highest level of security,” Cheung said. “But something to consider is that we also will not know if there are any issues until a customer tells us.”

Also, none of these configurations require LeanData to have a front-end login to your Salesforce account. But providing that access can allow the LeanData team to tailor our products in the best possible way to maximize your results.

Simply put, there’s a reason why more than 140 customers trust LeanData with their vital business information.

“Our array of security levels are designed to meet any level of concern,” Cheung added.

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