Simple is Better, Simple is Hard

March 19, 2015 Evan Liang


Steve Jobs has a great quote: “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Having started LeanData 3 years ago, this quote sums up what I feel we have accomplished as a company better than anything else I have read. And, why we are different from the hundreds of other marketing technology companies in the marketplace today.

We started LeanData based upon the premise that the data needs for sales & marketing systems were getting more complex with the introduction of marketing automation along with emerging technologies integrated with traditional CRM. I personally struggled with managing data at my last company. I felt that there had to be an easier way than forcing sales reps to follow stringent processes that invariably fail once the pressure to hit the next quarter approaches.

As B2B demand gen has become more sophisticated, the B2B process has subsequently become more and more complex. It’s now a multi-step (MQL, SAL, SQL), multi-rep (SDR, AE, AM), and multi-channel process with higher lead volume than ever before. Each layer of complexity has its own flow with additional levels of CRM customization, and often, bastardization, to meet each company’s unique process needs.

OccamsRazorTaking a step back, we have to ask ourselves have we become the Wily Coyote who has no hope of catching the roadrunner.

At LeanData, we think we’ve come up with a better way to solve the needs of sales & marketing by taking a step back and challenging the most fundamental data questions. For example:

    • Why do we have leads and contacts when they are both records that often belong to the same company?
    • Why do we use SDRs to decipher whether a new lead is associated to an existing opportunity or valued customer? (Why do inquiries go to our most junior most inexperienced SDR first?)
  • Why do we count campaign influence on only sourced vs. all touches in a complex sales cycle?

We believe our mission is to make sales & marketing more intuitive (simple and relevant) so that our clients can sell more.

Our position around simplification is different because there is a big trend today towards “big data or AI or predictive”. And,while we are a data company with smart engineers from Stanford, MIT, etc., just like the others, we want to take a very different approach to the problem. We do not believe in a magic formula produced by a black box that solves everything. Rather, we want to empower sales & marketing to do their jobs better by making the data simpler to understand and easy to use.

If you share our vision, we would love to hear from you.

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