Territory Management: Align Sales & Marketing on Revenue

April 2, 2018 Satarupa Chatterjee

Territory Management

“This lead belonged to my zip code but you assigned it to Henry instead!”

“I get only 5 leads a week for my territory whereas Jane gets 20 in hers. How do you expect me to meet my quota?”

“Should we assign Mary to all New York territories?”

Companies that manage sales teams via territories often hear statements like these. They do a great job of defining sales territories and managing quotas and forecasts based on them.

However, they often fail to support the basic premise of territories: accurate and fair apportioning of sales leads and accounts based on territory boundary definitions.

How do organizations address these aspects of territory management today?  

The short answer is via spreadsheets and CRM.

Spreadsheets are a popular tool for maintaining territory definitions. Companies usually leverage a mix of assignment rules and custom code to ensure that leads and accounts are distributed based on these territory rules.

This poses some problems:

  1. It takes several hours of ops time to manually add, edit, and maintain custom, territory-based rules in the CRM.
  2. Territory mappings and ownership can change frequently with the GTM strategy. This means ops spends a great deal of time updating assignment rules.
  3. This also makes it difficult to locate errors in assignment and fix them. You cannot predict and prevent errors or optimize assignment rules.
  4. Without any data on assignment, marketing doesn’t know if they need to step up lead gen in any specific territories.

Sales territories are built to make the sales and marketing funnel more efficient in revenue conversion. But the absence of efficient lead routing processes can be a hindrance in executing your go-to-market strategy.

LeanData Routing with Territory Management

Today, LeanData announced the launch of the Territory Management capability in our Routing platform. The Territory Management capability, along with other kinds of routing automation such as account-based routing, round-robin assignment, further strengthens our position as the leading routing solution in the market. These capabilities, provided on a visual, drag-and-drop interface, make it easy for companies to build and change their lead routing logic to keep up with changes in go-to-market strategies.  

How does Territory Management work?

As easily as 1-2-3.

  1. Upload territory mappings and ownership to LeanData from your CSV files and edit them easily
  2. Route leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities using a single action node that uses pre-defined territory rules
  3. See Routing Insights to know how many leads are being assigned per territory and optimize lead-gen programs

How can Territory Management benefit you?

First off, Territory Management will lead to accurate and fair distribution of leads and other objects based on your territory definitions. Jack will never complain about Henry getting leads from his territory.

For ops, being able to maintain territory mappings on LeanData will be a breeze and they will be able to spend their time on more strategic activities. Using overlaid Routing Insights on your graph will automatically flag routing errors, so you can fix them before reps complain about their toes being stepped upon.

And most importantly, you can also make fast, data-based decisions:

  • “Correct the zip code on Jane’s territory. This account should ideally have gone to her.”
  • “Let’s assign all NY territories to Mary because she has the best lead to close ratio on the East Coast.”
  • “We need to organize a roadshow on the East Coast as soon as possible because their lead volumes are low for this quarter.”

Between post-fact questions and proactive strategic decisions, the latter always wins.

P.S. Ready to see this in action? Schedule a demo and see how LeanData makes territory management simple.

Useful links:

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