The Poem

March 4, 2014 Debbie Margulies


5627858-e1393881190416When new leads aren’t read,
And the sales team is blue.
Let’s get this problem fixed,
With LeanData’s Lead2Account View.

Matching leads to accounts,
Is a hard thing to do.
Salesforce cannot do it,
Even though you want them to.

What can you do,
To fix this great error?
Install us, then open Accounts,
And your leads will be there too.

Then the sales team is joyous,
And revenue is through the roof.
ISRs route like lightning,
And AEs close deals like… poof!

Then we’ll take it a step further,
Automate your merging, nix those dupes.
So the sales people can keep selling,
Without jumping through so many hoops.

Marketing is feeling good,
Now that they can track their part.
Campaigns that get the people moving,
Are lined up now to start.

Sales and marketing never meshed so well,
The process was never so clean.
When asked, “How did you achieve this?”
Tell them, “We’re a LeanData machine.”

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