The Sales Operations Playbook By Leading Sales Ops Pros

December 5, 2016 Mark Emmons

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We’ve reached the point where there’s no longer any disagreement that Sales Operations has become the backbone of the modern revenue engine. But there remains some confusion around what exactly Sales Ops professionals do that makes them so critical for an organization’s success.

That’s still something of a mystery . . . other than the fact they somehow work their data-driven magic with the CRM and other software tools.

“There doesn’t seem to be one standard approach or definition of Sales Ops,” said Jason Paquette, director of sales operations at MongoDB. “. . . If you ask 50 people what sales operations means to them, you might get four dozen different answers.”

So, we asked Paquette and other leading Sales Ops practitioners to help us better understand how they are revolutionizing business. The result is a new eBook called “The Sales Operations Playbook By Sales Operations Professionals.” A collaborative effort between Datanyze and LeanData, the goal is to hear from top Sales Ops specialists — in their own words — about what they do to craft a repeatable, scalable sales process.

This is more than just shining a bright spotlight on Sales Ops. Readers will be able to take away actionable tips and tactics that can be applied to their businesses.

“It’s really unbelievable how Sales Ops has become a much more proactive, strategic role,” said Sam Laber, director of marketing at Datanyze. “It’s no longer just the person who runs reports for the sales leadership. They’re driving sales excellence. But it’s also still an emerging role that hasn’t been clearly defined yet. We think this is the perfect time to hear from them about the different ways that they’re helping their organizations succeed.”

The Playbook features insights from an All-Star cast of Sales Ops experts. They include Modern Sales Pros founder Peter Kazanjy; Elaine Mao of Uber; Kendall Grant of Fastly; Kristen Podger of Pendo; and Channing Ferrer of HubSpot.

They take a deep dive into topics such as:

  • Defining your sales model
  • Organizing the team
  • Sales tools and encouraging adoption
  • Reporting and sales analysis
  • Communicating the importance of the role

“At the end of the day for every organization, it’s all about the dollars,” said Brian Birkett, vice president of sales at LeanData. “The best way you can increase revenue is by adding leverage through technology. That’s the new realm of Sales Ops. It’s just a smarter way to plan for growth than just throwing bodies at a problem. And it’s why every company is investing in making sure their process runs intelligently and efficiently.”

The Playbook is an authoritative guide into how Sales Ops is using technology and process to set up their organizations for success.

“We’re on the cusp of this new era,” Birkett added. “This is really just the beginning of the renaissance for Sales Ops.”

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Mark Emmons

Mark Emmons is the staff writer at LeanData. He previously was a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, Orange County Register and Detroit Free Press. He can be reached at

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