The Reason Why I Joined LeanData

June 22, 2017 Mike D'Onofrio

During my career as a business leader at great companies like Concur, Zuora, Cisco WebEx and ADP, I’ve sat through my fair share of planning sessions about how to wisely spend our marketing dollars. I’ve been on the sales side where I’ve said: “Send me more leads!” I’ve also been on the marketing side where I asked: “How do we create more demand?”

The good news is that we had great success at driving demand and making those businesses even more successful. But I also knew that not all of the leads we generated were being followed up. Some leads went unrouted. Reps got the wrong leads. There were duplicate accounts. We had contacts without roles.

Mike D’Onofrio

I knew those challenges were preventing us from growing even faster. But the only solution that I could ever see was throwing more people at the problem and have them perform manual tasks like de-duping and routing on a case-by-case basis. It was hardly a fast way to scale!

Then I met Evan Liang. The CEO at LeanData, Liang explained how his company had automated the assignment process in Salesforce so that leads always match into corresponding accounts and are routed to the right reps. Well, the proverbial lightbulb went on. I got it immediately because I had lived that exact pain. LeanData, I realized, could have helped me at my prior companies.

It’s also why I recently joined LeanData as the new Chief Revenue Officer.

When I was contemplating the next chapter of my career, I was looking for three things:

  • A business with an innovative solution
  • A tremendous market for the product
  • An extraordinary team

I hit the trifecta with LeanData. When you have all of that, anything is possible. In fact, the business already is on its way with more than 250 customers, including Okta, Palo Alto Networks, Marketo and Cloudera. LeanData raised a Series B round of funding late in 2016. We’re growing fast, and the best is yet to come.

That’s because we solve foundational problems that every business faces. I know what it’s like for young organizations that are struggling to figure out the best way to distribute leads. I also know what it’s like when companies grow, the process becomes more complicated and leads begin slipping through the cracks.

LeanData changes those dynamics. We help sales teams by ensuring leads get to the right reps, immediately. So organizations can take advantage of the emotion that happens when a prospect or customer reaches out. (Urgency, by the way, that can also evaporate just quickly). LeanData also enables marketing teams to accurately measure the effectiveness of campaigns so they can maximize their budget and drive leads that have the most potential for sales.

One of my new colleagues asked me what I hope to accomplish. My answer was simple: I want to make LeanData a common name among enterprise companies.

People know how companies like Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua are integral to business success, accelerating revenue and helping create a positive experience with customers. I firmly believe LeanData can be a similar kind of company.

I can’t wait to get started.

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