Why OpsStars LOVE #OpsStars

May 8, 2019 Jaime Lee

We have heroes rising among us. They are our operations (super) stars, or OpsStars. Dedicated to ensuring our teams are able to execute their day-to-day functions effectively, OpsStars are coming together to solve for a bigger need—cross-team alignment. With the rise of technology and development of smarter processes, operations professionals from marketing, sales, and customer success are beginning to tear down silos in the name of revenue.

#OpsStars, the event, is the only one of its kind dedicated to solving operational challenges across marketing, sales, and customer success. Filled with industry leaders and peers looking for answers, OpsStars brings together the latest and greatest revenue operations content for insightful sessions, actionable workshops, and quality networking—but don’t just take our word for it! See what attendees have to say about the event. 

”The latest and greatest in Revenue Operations”

The emerging paradigm of Revenue Operations is changing the game for businesses far and wide. Companies from varying industries and backgrounds are coming together to solve a common problem: silos across operational functions. Revenue Operations is the umbrella that is bringing together marketing ops, sales ops, and customer success ops under one roof. It’s about connecting people, process, data, and technology in the best way possible across different organizations—and OpsStars is the best place to learn and be at the forefront of this new category.

”Networking with people in the community”

Sometimes operational functions can get siloed and OpsStars is an event that breaks down those silos. It’s a great place to put faces to names with people you may be connected with on LinkedIn, or may have had phone and email conversations with. OpsStars gives marketing, sales, and customer success ops professionals and leaders the opportunity to network and have meaningful face-to-face conversations.

”Opportunity to come together to solve problems”

Many attendees feel they can identify with business challenges presented in the workshops and sessions. OpsStars gives them to opportunity to hear how others are solving for common operational problems. They are able to find inspiration, get new ideas, and walk away with an actionable framework for improvement that they can take back to their organization.

”Helpful to take yourself out of the box of your company”

Beyond identifying with challenges you are experiencing within your own company, OpsStars is a great place to learn about new perspectives and challenges from others. Removing yourself from your own day-today, or stepping outside of the box, is a great way to gain new perspective and see what else is out there. What are some of the challenges others are facing? How are they overcoming hurdles? Hearing the challenges of others that are different from your own helps spark creativity when it comes to your own problem-solving skills. Even more, having an awareness and understanding of potential challenges gives you an advantage and helps you be prepared should similar challenges arise within your own business.

If you’re an OpsStar in marketing, sales, or customer success, join us at our next #OpsStars event!

About the Author

Jaime Lee

Jaime leads content marketing at LeanData. Prior to LeanData, she led content at Velocify through its acquisition (by EllieMae) and was responsible for GTM communications at VMware.

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