TOPO Research: Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Market Guide

August 11, 2020

Critical Technology for Modern Go-to-Market Organizations

Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A) and Routing has become one of the most critical applications for modern go-to-market organizations. As go-to-market strategies evolve and increase in complexity, more sophisticated organizations are implementing Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A) and Routing to connect their tech stack across their end-to-end revenue processes.

Download this NEW TOPO Research Guide for an overview of the Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A) and Routing market, the advantages of implementing this technology, and guidance on how to evaluate and select technology in this category.

Read to learn:

  • Why LeanData is positioned as "a clear leader" in L2A Matching and Routing
  • Why L2A Matching and Routing is among the highest-rated technologies for impact and satisfaction across the 24 categories
  • TOPO surveyed Expected operational results and ROI from replacing manual lead-management processes with an automated solution
  • Buyer’s guidance on how to select L2A Matching and Routing technology that will support your business as it grows

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