• Why Customers Love LeanData0:30

    Why Customers Love LeanData

    From AMAZING customer support to providing everything you need in one platform...find out why LeanData is the #1 undisputed leader in Lead to Account Matching & Routing solutions!

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  • LeanData Demo Video1:17

    LeanData Demo Video

    Increased speed-to-lead, shorten sales cycles, and improve customer buying experiences with LeanData

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  • Join us for the 5th annual OpsStars | Oct. 20 & 210:24

    Join us for the 5th annual OpsStars | Oct. 20 & 21

    Join us 10/20 & 10/21 for two days of educational content (keynotes, track sessions, workshops), networking, and fun (think prizes!) at OpsStars 2020 virtual event.

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  • Implement Account-Based Strategy with LeanData1:48

    Implement Account-Based Strategy with LeanData

    Find out how Hooli Inc. was able to implement an effective account-based strategy to convert larger accounts closer to their ICP with some help from LeanData.

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  • Accelerate Response Time to Inbound Leads with LeanData1:39

    Accelerate Response Time to Inbound Leads with LeanData

    Find out how your Go-to-Market team can reduce response time taken to get back to inbound leads with some help from LeanData Routing.

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  • LeanData Customer Day 2019 Recap2:35

    LeanData Customer Day 2019 Recap

    View the recap video now to find out more about what it's like at an exclusive LeanData Customer Day!

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  • LeanData Founders2:55

    LeanData Founders

    Meet LeanData's co-founders Evan Liang and Kelvin Cheung and find out more about how their own real-life experiences with data management inspired them to set up LeanData.

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  • LeanData Matching2:18

    LeanData Matching

    LeanData Matching gives your sales and marketing teams a holistic account view and arms them with the context needed to accelerate revenue.

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  • LeanData Routing2:31

    LeanData Routing

    Find out more about how LeanData's Routing can help sales, marketing and operations teams collaborate and easily build complex lead, contacts, and account distribution flows.

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