[Panel] Benchmarking your B2B Pipeline Performance

October 1, 2022

Revenue teams are responsible for an organization's growth, but far too often, they stumble into the marketplace blind. Pushed to drive bigger and higher quality pipeline, too many organizations are hampered by fragmented data lost within disconnected RevTech stacks, unable to effectively collect, collate, analyze and affect continuous improvement corrective actions. This session delves into the recently completed Pipeline Performance Benchmarking Study and allows participants to 1) understand their current pipeline performance, and 2) define their next steps to increasing the productivity of their pipeline and grow revenue.

Doug Bell, CMO, LeanData (Moderator)
Nipul Chokshi, Head of Marketing, Atrium
Colin White, Director of Demand Generation, Clearbit
Matt Lyman, VP of Demand Generation, LeanData

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