BombBomb Decreases First Response Time by 400% using LeanData Matching and Routing

March 5, 2020 Ashley Ward

BombBomb, a video email marketing platform, had grown beyond 3,000 inbound -leads per month and need to shift from a lead-based to an Account-based model. Their operations team needed to continue supporting an existing transactional model, while supporting a new outbound motion. In-house development for cleaning and routing leads was no longer a scalable option and they needed a third-party solution.

Implementing LeanData enabled BombBomb to route their growing inbound-lead volume, match leads with target accounts, route enriched Contacts to Outreach Sequences, and notify Sales of lead assignment through email and Slack. They completely eliminated the case of "lost leads" with every lead and contact being correctly matched, and using any field to route Standard Objects in Salesforce. With LeanData, BombBomb has decreased the First Response Time by 400% and continues to make it easy for people to build relationships through email, text and social media.

"We're able to route [leads] and get them into a [Outreach] sequence. Now we're averaging about 3.5 minutes from creation to sequenced. Since we started doing that, First Response Time has come down 400%."                                                               

- Raheel Alam, Salesforce Admin

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Ashley Ward

Ashley is the Director of Customer Marketing at LeanData and is responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to drive growth and advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle. Her favorite part of Customer Marketing at LeanData is getting to know OpsStars who are transforming the way they work.

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