BrightTALK Rapidly Responds to Leads and Measures Success with LeanData

April 1, 2020 Ashley Ward

BrightTALK, a content and demand platform, manages leads and contacts across a global organization, helping marketers use webinars and videos to reach a B2B audience. Aligning their sales and marketing data and immediately notifying the sales team about their new leads and contacts is vital to their team.

BrightTALK uses LeanData to automate the process of getting the right leads, to the right reps, at the right time using lead-to-account matching, and then routing various objects such as leads, contacts, and accounts to SDRs and AEs. Alerts are sent via email and Slack to ensure the team follows up and time-based nodes help to enforce SLAs.

"What value can you put on getting the right lead, to the right person, at the right time with the correct notifications set up? It helps us segment and speed up time to outreach for our reps and executives."

- Tanya Dracolakis, Senior Marketing & Sales Operations Manager

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Ashley Ward

Ashley is the Director of Customer Marketing at LeanData and is responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to drive growth and advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle. Her favorite part of Customer Marketing at LeanData is getting to know OpsStars who are transforming the way they work.

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