How AI is Optimizing the Sales Ops Role in Forecasting and Pipeline Management

April 30, 2019

For sales operations teams, forecasting and pipeline management have always posed significant challenges, especially with numerous unpredictable variables including data integrity, lack of deal knowledge, and more. However, AI technology offers sales operations teams the opportunity to optimize forecasting data. Join Stephen D’Angelo, President of Worldwide Field Operations, Aviso, Andrew Zellis, Head of North American Sales Operations, Uber for Business, to understand the benefits and opportunities AI provides to sales operations teams in optimizing forecasting and pipeline management to help grow revenue.

Featured Panelists:
Latane Conant (Moderator) | CMO, 6Sense
Andrew Zellis | Head of North America Sales Operations, Uber for Business
Stephen D’Angelo | President, World Wide Field Operations, Aviso

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