Global Workforce Management Leader Powers Revenue Process Transformation with LeanData

December 12, 2022 Ashley Ward

with Molly Young, Sales Operations Partner


As Remote migrated from Hubspot to Salesforce, Molly Young, Sales Operations Partner and multi-time LeanData user, knew that LeanData would be critical to execute their evolving go-to-market strategies.



Founded in 2019, Remote enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere, leveraging its platform and global expertise to compliantly onboard, pay, and manage employees and contractors in over 150 countries. While implementing their first Salesforce instance, the Remote Sales Operations team mapped complex rules of engagement and lead routing. They wanted to integrate data enrichment and sales engagement tools into lead routing flows while also automating alerts and online meeting scheduling. Quickly, however, Remote realized they needed a dependable tool to manage these essential processes and plays together.

Reliability of a 100% Salesforce-Native Application 

Having used LeanData at two previous companies, Young was aware of its capabilities in lead to account matching and routing as well as finding duplicates, merging records, updating field values and triggering notifications. 

From her prior experience, she knew LeanData was a consistently reliable platform because of its position within Salesforce as a native application. Young could trust that fields, operators and values were mapped correctly and did not require custom code.

Young says, “LeanData has helped me bridge the gap with some of our automations and workflows that previously may have been okay in HubSpot, but will now be more accurate and more visible to stakeholders because it's 100% Salesforce native.”

GTM Strategies Centralized by LeanData

When first implementing LeanData, Remote was able to quickly switch from routing Leads to routing Contacts to support a Contact-only model and they quickly found use cases to begin routing Opportunities and Accounts.

Young says, “For our go-to-market strategy, LeanData has been a core tool for us to centralize all of the data and workflows.”

Young has found that the ability to auto-sequence from LeanData to Outreach has been hugely beneficial for speed to lead. Using LeanData, Remote can assign a lead or contact to a sales rep and add the contact to an Outreach sequence. Then, sales reps are immediately notified via Slack when a lead is assigned, along with the lead source, the sequence to which they were added and other contextual information to guide their next action. 

More Effective Post-Event Campaign Automation

One of Remote’s pain points surrounded the issue of list uploads either for post-event campaigns or simply content syndication. Inconsistent data caused a lot of manual steps in the list upload process. 

Now, Remote can use LeanData's List Analyzer to compare lists of contacts against their Salesforce database to align the new data before it’s uploaded to Hubspot. Remote then uploads a more accurate list to Hubspot, initiating a workflow where field values are updated and the contacts are added to a Salesforce campaign. This action triggers routing within LeanData, alerts the rep, and the contact is then added to the applicable Outreach sequence. 

Better Meeting Automation with BookIt

Prior to implementing LeanData’s meeting scheduling software, BookIt, Remote had been using an alternate solution. However, when LeanData launched BookIt in 2022, the Remote team was excited to make the switch.

With BookIt, Remote now has automated meeting scheduling and routing all in one platform, based on the same rules of engagement. Plus, the Remote team finds it easier to monitor, audit, see the results of their sequences all in one place and make corrections as needed.

Young reports that since implementing BookIt, the meeting distribution accuracy has immensely improved. 

About Remote

Talent is everywhere — opportunity is not. Remote closes the gap by enabling employers to hire anyone from anywhere, providing access to opportunity so people everywhere can build better lives. Remote helps companies become global powerhouses by expanding their access to talent beyond their borders. Thousands of businesses rely on Remote’s modern platform and legal, financial, and cultural expertise to onboard, pay, and manage employees and contractors in 150+ countries. Remote was founded in 2019 by Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre, and is backed by leading investors including SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Accel, Sequoia, Index Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, General Catalyst and B Capital.


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Ashley is the Director of Customer Marketing at LeanData and is responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to drive growth and advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle. Her favorite part of Customer Marketing at LeanData is getting to know OpsStars who are transforming the way they work.

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