UserGems Implements LeanData and Integrations to Drive ABX Strategy

December 20, 2022 Ashley Ward

with Joss Poulton, Vice President of Operations


While growing and expanding, UserGems recognized the need for a more sophisticated lead routing strategy. Their existing lead routing tools were increasingly inconsistent and unreliable. So while UserGems’ first business development rep (BDR) team was being assembled, Joss Poulton, VP of Operations, was tasked with implementing a lead routing strategy.



UserGems provides pipeline generation software and is founded on the idea that past users of your product can be your future customers. UserGems’ core product combines AI with data mapping to help identify previous customers who have moved to a different job with another company. 

As the first revenue operations hire at UserGems, Poulton quickly found that their existing lead routing setup was unreliable. User-built assignment rules, process builder and flows, all three working simultaneously, were being used to run account-based plays, but UserGems was experiencing inconsistent results. 

In a previous role, Poulton managed lead routing flows through a homegrown solution, built using custom Salesforce Apex code, and similarly experienced business bottlenecks — especially for territory routing. 

Poulton knew it was critical to get the right lead to the right rep at the right time, but was well aware of the challenges with building a solution internally. Therefore, he set out to implement a reliable lead routing system that would support round robin assignments for account-based plays.

Powerful Tool for an Account-Based Strategy

Once Poulton started using LeanData, he quickly recognized its flexibility and the huge benefits it would provide to UserGems. With lead generation and enrichment handled by the UserGems product, Poulton uses LeanData to match leads and run ABX plays.

It starts with LeanData matching leads to accounts, creating a reliable foundation for every lead, then converting the leads into contacts. Next, LeanData determines whether to enroll each contact in an Outreach sequence, trigger a Slack notification to a rep, or do both. And when an opportunity enters the “closed-won” stage, the account is assigned and routed to a customer success manager. 

Poulton says, “As soon as I got into LeanData and saw how flexible it is, I now see it as a creativity platform for revenue orchestration which has brought huge benefits to our business.”

Poulton calls LeanData BookIt a “rare triple win,” making life easier for both buyers and sellers. Allowing prospects to schedule their own demo eliminates any delay in response time and removes the annoying back and forth of trading calendar times. 

BookIt has also improved the lives of UserGems’ BDR team as they are no longer spending valuable time reaching out to schedule meetings. 

One of Poulton’s favorite LeanData features is the Audit Logs. In addition to Routing Insights, which provide him with visibility into the number of records routing through each path, Audit Logs show the specific routing details on an individual record. 

Better Together: LeanData + UserGems

Poulton described the LeanData+UserGems integration as “powerful,” and found it easy to implement. At its core, UserGems delivers job change data, however, to be successful, users have to be able to take action on that data. 

LeanData allows Poulton to fully automate account-based plays. When UserGems identifies a job change, LeanData routes the information to the right sales rep, automatically places the lead into an Outreach sequence, and then enables the prospect or customer to schedule a meeting via BookIt. Poulton calls this the “red carpet VIP experience” that happens seamlessly. 

“Our Sales reps are basically sitting back and getting replies to emails from their raving fans,” says Poulton. These sequences to previous customers restart the conversation with complete context and make them feel that UserGems truly cares. Poulton notes that when someone who formerly used your product heavily in their last role changes jobs, they don’t want to be treated like they’ve never used it before. The LeanData+UserGems integration prevents this from happening.

Biggest ROI: Time Savings

Poulton reports that the biggest ROI from using LeanData has been the 10 to 20 hours a week of time saved that he formerly spent troubleshooting routing issues, writing custom Apex code or creating their own solution with standard Salesforce functionality. 

About UserGems

UserGems helps companies generate more revenue by identifying buyers who will most likely buy from them. Leveraging artificial intelligence, UserGems identifies trigger events to surface the most relevant buyers for each company. Founded in 2014 by CEO Christian Kletzel and CTO Stephan Kletzel, UserGems is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco.

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