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5 Secrets to Transform Your Data from a Liability to an Asset

December 2, 2019

Many revenue leaders aren’t aware of just how important their CRM data is, and how dirty data impacts the organization. Every part of the business can be affected. Most leaders know that data accumulates over the years, and that some of it is useful. But they’ve learned to live with poor quality and incomplete information. “Our data stinks,” is a regular refrain. What should be done?

Join this dynamic panel discussion to learn:

  • The role of data management across the entire lead-to-revenue journey
  • Why sales and marketing leaders should care -- it’s not just an “ops” problem!
  • The financial and performance impact of poor data management
  • How to turn your data into an asset
  • Critical metrics for monitoring and improving your data health


Adam Perry - Moderator
Director of Product

Lori Wizdo
VP, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Cari Baldwin
Board Member
Women in Revenue

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