Brand: Your Most Under-Appreciated Growth Driver

December 2, 2019

Brand may be the single most valuable corporate asset. So why do only 4% of B2B marketers measure its impact beyond 6 months, according to a recent study commissioned by LinkedIn? With the explosion of martech and analytics, there is a growing tendency to default to shorter-term views and KPIs, some of which have analytically little to do with actual brand value. So how should today’s marketing leaders balance longer-view, strategic brand programs with short-term, demand-centric initiatives? How do you get everyone aligned on the value of brand and marketing, and connect brand strategies to enduring financial value?   Well-known CMO Peter Horst has built iconic brands and driven dramatic growth for market leaders such as Capital One, The Hershey Company, TD Ameritrade and General Mills. Join him for a discussion of the role of brand in today's modern marketing.


Peter Horst
CMO Inc.

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