Session: Scaling Lead Management to Meet an Unprecedented Time

October 21, 2020

Caterina (Cat) Torres, Team Lead, Sales Data Systems and Process Management, Zoom Video Communications
Michael (Fedy) Fedynyshyn, Senior Manager, Sales Operations, Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is all about keeping businesses and people connected. With the COVID-19 crisis, however, this mission took on a new level of imperative. 

People around the world urgently sought new ways to safely maintain vital face-to-face communication and collaboration in their work, school and personal lives. This global shift to remote interactions accelerated the adoption of Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform – with daily meeting participants jumping from 10 million in December to 300 million by April 2020.

How did Zoom’s operations team scale lead-management systems and processes with the speed and agility needed to keep up with business demand and growth at this unprecedented rate? 

Hear from the team who successfully tackled this challenge. Take a peek behind the scenes for a glimpse at “a day in the life” during these extraordinary times. And hear what lessons they learned along the way, with best practices and recommendations to share with other Ops professionals. 

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