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Evolving Your Revenue Strategies for 2021 Growth

2020 has thrown salespeople more than a curveball (or two), which has left many of holding a bag of urgent, and often unanswered, questions:

"Which of my prospects are still in-market & buying? Which of my deals are currently at-risk & how in the world can I have confidence in my pipeline/forecasts? Is my cold messaging as impactful as it once was?" And on, and on, and on...

Luckily for us, Steve De Marco, CRO at LeanData, joins the Sales Hacker community to shine a light on where B2B sellers need to evolve to find success in this new environment (so we're all prepped & ready to hit the ground running into 2021). 


Watch to learn:

  • Market Segmentation: how to use data to identify market segments & personas that are still in-market, with budget
  • Sales Process: how to use “MEDDPIC” across your sales process to create certainty in your pipeline & forecasts
  • Targeting & Messaging: how to enable your team to target the right accounts with impactful, "crispy" cold messaging (across email, phone, and social)
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