An Operational Approach to Social Selling

December 3, 2019

Leveraging operational strategies, Angela Earl and Brian Schoeneman will show you how this tactic can be efficient, scalable and trackable. Using humorous, quirky (not-quite-fictional) storytelling structured in a “don’t do this, do that instead" format that the audience can relate to and act upon, the duo will share four components make social one of the most powerful tools in your sales toolkit. 

Story preview: Salesperson Steve just found a blog post on his company's website uniquely positioning his company’s service offering.  He feels his network must know about this and has crafted the perfect 140 character post to share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  He makes the post, and swiftly moves onto his next set of meetings, slack messages, and  emails. During this  presentation, we’ll share what Steve learns  when he does things a little differently.


Brian Schoeneman
Director of Revenue Operations

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