Trifacta Reduces Lead Response Time from Days to Hours with LeanData

April 28, 2020 Ashley Ward

Trifacta, the industry pioneer and global market leader in data preparation technology, was growing rapidly and knew that in order to keep up with its growth, it needed to improve operational efficiency and accelerate time-to-revenue.

Before LeanData, they were bogged down by a complex system with poor data quality. A lack of standardized processes and error-prone lead routing hindered productivity, resulting in a slow lead response time. 

Now with LeanData, leads are routed to the right reps and lead response time has decreased from five days to less than one day. Opportunity creation has increased by 25% and stage 1 opportunity generation is at all-time levels. 

Read the complete Trifacta story here

"The biggest benefit of LeanData has been getting the right lead in the right hands in less than an hour. It's amazing."

- Phil Lacorte, VP, Revenue Operations

About the Author

Ashley Ward

Ashley heads Customer Marketing at LeanData and is responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to drive growth and advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle. Her favorite part of Customer Marketing at LeanData is getting to know OpsStars who are transforming the way they work.

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