MarTech Stack Roadmap: Running Gap Analysis & Streamlining to Scale for Business Growth

December 2, 2019

Truly understanding the true span of marketing applications across the organization can be difficult. Nowadays, anyone can download a freemium version of a tool and not alert anyone. How do you keep track of this?   Have you ever experienced difficulties when understanding or even explaining to a non tech person what a tool can do and how it is useful to them? Would you agree that technology tends to be driven by tactics and not by business need for scale? How do you allocate your budget to focus on the needs of the business while supporting those functional initiatives?     

In this session we will discuss:   

  • Best practices on how to champion the marketing organization to look to marketing ops as the driver for application acquisition
  • How to communicate a MarTech roadmap that is easily consumable by leadership as well as non tech individual contributors
  • Key components to run a gap analysis on existing technology
  • Become besties with IT and lay down a process for application approval while aligning with the data privacy and securities
  • How to prioritize and justify budget for tool acquisition for scale


Xenia Escalante - Saman
Director, Marketing Operations

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